Harald Seiz

“Success is not measured by profit, but rather by the people who accompany you on this path and become part of your success.”

"In the beginning there is the idea, success comes with implementation. It's the passion that drives me on, each and every time."

"We have to break away from the traditional image that we all have in our heads when we think of gold."

"Be honest with yourself and success will come naturally."

about harald seiz

Harald Seiz, born in 1963, has tackled many things on his way as an entrepreneur and achieved a lot. To call him primarily a ‘doer’, however, would not do him justice. Right from the start, he has pursued his path with great passion and has followed his vision with often surprising creativity, conceptual agility and tactical intelligence.

His deep-seated urge for independence and his belief in the positive in people, combined with his innate and infectious enthusiasm, make him the prototype of the entrepreneur as an entrepreneur and leader.

Insensitive to ideological restrictions and with a sharp eye for the actual core of an idea or a cause, Harald Seiz has been devoting himself since 2011 to a topic that some might already see as anachronistic, as outdated by history: gold as a store of value.

my books

I want my books to support you on your way to a successful life. I have made it my mission to make my knowledge available to as many people as possible.

"Our idea will soon be unstoppable. There's way too much energy in the future of gold!"

– Harald Seiz –


“I have a dream.” Who doesn’t know that legendary line from Dr. Martin Luther King? It’s been with me all my life. My mission: Gold for everyone, for a secure future for all men.


Focus on peace, prosperity and abundance for all. And the world will change. For you, for me, and especially for our children and their children. The World of Charity lives through us. With your devotion and your energy we overcome all obstacles to make our wishes come true.


Gold is universal and true. With gold as a foundation – to be understood literally – we will install a financial and payment system that meets the challenges of the future with the most modern means.